What is Corian?

Corian is a man-made substance composed of acrylic polymer and alumina trihydrate and has long been used for bathrooms and kitchens, as well as non-domestic use in hospitals, offices and other environments.

It is prized for its non-porous qualities and its versatility; it comes in more than 100 colours and a variety of thicknesses to allow a wide number of uses. It can be finished to gloss, semi-gloss or matt finishes depending on preference, and is also easy to buff out nicks and scratches ensuring it keeps its finish for longer.

It can be cut into almost any shape required and joined seamlessly for a perfect fit and finish.

How can I use it in the home?

Corian has a wide number of applications in the home environment above and beyond the obvious uses it has traditionally been used for in the bathroom and kitchen of the home environment like sinks, worktop surfaces, bathtubs and shower cladding, but there is no reason it should only be used there.

It has some obvious advantages in these rooms however as it is not only water-proof, but its non-porous surface also ensures that it is mould, mildew and bacteria resistant, it can be precision cut to fit any space, and it is easy clean, especially if you opt for a semi-gloss finish which will hide the appearance of any water spots.

Increasingly however interior designers are catching on to the beauty and durability of Corian as a material and it is being used more and more in items like fine ornaments, lighting, wall hangings, and other forms of 3D art both free-standing and wall-hanging.

It is even being used to make furniture with some of the most prestigious up and coming designers using it as a material of choice thanks to its clean lines, vivid colours and durability.

It can be hard to procure Corian items, and you would need to contact one of the few licensed Corian distributors, but if you are looking for something truly unique it would be worth talking to a specialist Corian fabricator who will be able to cut, mould and deliver your item to your exact specifications.