In this day an age, people are more and more coming to understand that
their gardens are a valuable addition to their homes – in fact, as many
famous designers are fond of pointing out, the garden is really another
room of you house and this is something to keep in mind when designing
and maintaining it.

Something many people overlook however, is the role your garden can play in home security. Our article on defensive gardening will help you to turn your garden into a theft deterrent without having to sacrifice your enjoyment of it. Maybe you would like to grow your own herb garden but don’t know what herbs to start with.

This section will give you helpful hints from the actual garden
to ensuring that your garden is properly
, even to how
to control the pests
in your garden without resorting to the use of
chemicals that maybe harmful to the other wildlife.

We have an article on how to save water and money by fitting a water butt to your house or shed downpipe.

There will be further articles to come about how to attract wildlife into
your garden, ideas for planting schemes, and low maintenance gardening in
the future so be sure to bookmark us and check back regularly.