The UK Home Information website was set up to provide our visitors with what we consider to be quality information about all the many aspects of looking for a new house including details of developers, conveyancing services, mortgages, unemployment insurance and removal companies that you may like to consider when buying a new house in the UK. Over time, it has added other sections that we feel relevent to our users, including areas on gardening.

We understand that for many people looking for a new home, arranging the purchase, and then sorting out all the other details such as moving house, redirecting post, taking over the telephone, gas, electric, council tax and home insurance etc can be a very stressful time. Our aim is to make this site as useful as possible. We have also included details of companies that sell items or services that you may need when setting up a home for the first time or when you are upgrading your home. Why not look at our Home Buyers Guide – a brief guide to buying a home.

You may be looking for advice on estate agencies when selling your house, read our “Why do I need to use an estate agency” page for guidance. Maybe you are looking for some inspiration on redecorating your home, or renovating your home, sorting out some of those niggling little DIY jobs that you haven’t got around to, or add additional value to your home. Perhaps you want to make some changes to your garden.

Our website will continue to grow so please come back on a regular basis to view the new information. In the meantime, if there is anything that you feel should be on this site or you provide a service to our UK target audience please complete our contact form.

Please continue to have a look around our website, and good luck with your property purchase. We hope it all goes smoothly for you.

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