In older properties the installation of new plumbing can be problematic as most old systems will be in imperial measurements where as new systems will be metric. Mixing metric and imperial plumbing can be tricky as there may be a slight difference between the manufacturer’s conversion and the actual correct Imperial to Metric conversion. For example, 1 inch actually converts to 25.4mm but it is common for manufacturers to feature a conversion of simply 25mm. This may not seem like a great difference but if your plumbing system fails to fit together correctly you could be risking potential leaks and water damage to your property.

In these instances special fittings will be required to allow the secure connection of the pipe work. Push/fit fittings are easy method of achieving this. Now that the majority of plumbing systems use plastic piping, push/fit fittings are a fast and easy method of joining pipe work. Coming in both plastic and copper types, these fittings are useable on both hot and cold water systems and connect to both plastic and copper pipe.

Use of these fittings ensures that a true connection is made once a pipe is inserted into the fitting. The pipe is securely held in place by both a steel grip ring and a rubber O ring creates a seal around the pipe. The fixing is easy to use and can greatly reduce installation times. Fewer tools are required in the installation process the need for soldering equipment is completely removed.

When cutting your pipe to size it is recommended that hack saw are not used. Cutting with a hacksaw can create burrs that can damage the rubber O ring making the seal potentially fail. It is highly advised that suitable DIY equipment is used depending on the type of pipe used.

If you unsure about mixing metric and imperial plumbing and the use of push fit fittings, visiting your local DIY or plumbing equipment supplier can be an excellent source of information. Some companies such as Hep2o will even send you a free test pack to see how the fittings work. Most companies will offer a guarantee with the fittings with some up to 50 years. When purchasing make sure that the manufacturer is reliable and that the products meet the appropriate standards.