As we have discussed in other articles, under floor heating can be an efficient, cost effective way to heat your home, but most people tend to add it to modern homes because installing underfoor heating in old buildings can be problematic.

However, thanks to a new development by Wavin, this need no longer be the case, their versatile “low build” Thermoboard system only adds 15mm to the floor height (Which is less than the diameter of a UK 5 pence coin).

This means that it doesn’t need any digging up or disturbing of existing flooring which is where many owners of older homes come unstuck, particularly if it is a listed building as you often need special permission to disturb any original flooring making underfloor heating impossible till now.

It also means that you don’t need to disrupt doors or skirtings which is often another area that can cause issue when you are trying to lay underfloor heating in older properties as many doors and skirting boards are made from “hard” woods which aren’t always easy to adapt.

This low build thermoboard system isn’t restricted by which rooms it is suitable for use in either, being equally efficient in kitchens, conservatories, bathrooms or even garage conversions.

The other main benefits to this system are:

  • No separate end-return panels are needed
  • No special tools are required for installation
  • Panels are easy to both handle and trim to size meaning that no assistance is needed when laying the panels.

For more information on how to install underfloor heating in old buildings, or to obtain a quote for wavin low-build thermoboard componants or installation, please see the relevant section of their website.