There are ten rules regarding fire safety, if you follow them they can help to keep you and your loved ones safe in the event of a fire. Make sure you familiarise yourself with them – one day they could save your life.

  • Teach every member of your family about the dangers of fire and have a “fire plan” set up and somewhere that is visible. Have a fire escape plan from the most used areas of your home.
  • Fit ample smoke alarms in your home – ensuring that there is at least one on each level of your home. Test the batteries often, and always replace dead batteries immediately.
  • Install an “all-purpose” fire extinguisher in a prominent position in your home, and put a fire blanket close to your cooker.
  • Unless the fire is very small, do not attempt to tackle it yourself.
  • Unplug all un-needed electrical appliances before you go to bed. Make sure that they are correctly maintained and don’t run the electrical flexes under carpets. By unplugging your appliances you will not only help protect your home from fire, but also save money.
  • Never leave your hob-top cooking unattended, especially if cooking with oil. If you do get a hob-top fire, turn out the heat, use the fire blanket to put out the flames, and leave the blanket over the pan for 30 mins at least to prevent re-ignition.
  • Keep all matches, lighters and candles out of the sight and reach of children.
  • Do not plug electric blankets into a multi-way plug. This could mean they are switched on accidentally.
  • Never dry clothes or other material by an open fire, or by covering heaters.

In the event of a fire, evacuate the house quickly but calmly, shutting as many doors and windows as you can as you go and call the fire brigade at the earliest opportunity.


Never continue to fight a fire if:

  • The fire continues to grow despite your efforts.
  • It is dangerous to do so.
  • There are gas cylinders or other high-risk items nearby.
  • Your escape route is in danger of being cut off by smoke or fire.